The word 'Amit' means infinite or boundless. I try to 'pretend' as my name defines. I have always believed in working boundless with freedom of thoughts. This fosters innovation and brings the best out of me.

I am very proactive when it comes in adopting and trying out new things. I take every opportunity as a challenge and accomplish it. 

I have been working on Android for over 10+ years now with expertise range from bottom most Kernel layer in Android to Top-level Android Apps development including AOSP Customization. I have great experience working on MDM/EMM. With such vast experience, I have created my own MDM service called "Smargav FieldX" []

I have performed many roles ranging right from managing college students as a guest faculty to managing teams in my work place.

My office work helped me master Java, J2EE, OSGi, Eclipse and many Java related technologies, but this did not bound me from from learning Mobile technologies like Android, BlackBerry & Hybrid app development. {as you know, Amit means Boundless ;) }

LBS is my area of Interest and developing Location Based Solutions is my passion. 

I am a big fan of Eclipse and love using it for writing even basic 'Hello World' programs rather than doing it using Notepad or command line. 
Special thanks to all good people in Eclipse Foundation who sent me a T-Shirt for the release of new Eclipse version every year. 

In my free time, I enjoy Biking. I take my Giant Revel Mountain Bike all over the places and in the streets of Bangalore. 'Go Green' and 'Biking awareness' are the motives of our group.

Keywords: IBM, Worklight, Java, Eclipse, OSGi, Android, Blackberry, J2ME, J2EE, EJB 3.0, JPA, Web 2.0, XML, Perl, Shell Scripting, Apache Abdera, Hibernate, UML, Web Services, Data Structures, Open Source, Top Coder, Subversion, Qt Framework, KDE, Linux