1. Android Projects
  • Driver Navigator: An android application for truck and lorry drivers. The app tracks the GPS location of the truck/lorries and ensures the vehicle is in "geo-fenced" location. App works offline. Technologies - Open Street Maps, Google Maps, KML, Geo-Fencing, Android.
  • Savaari Car Rentals Driver App:

  • Eclipse Plugin for TapIt Android SDK
    I developed Eclipse Plugin for the TapIt Android SDK []. The Plugin helps TapIt Developers to quickly insert TapIt ads and required jars into their project with just one-click User Interface. The Plugin runs on Eclipse Platform 3.5+
  • Eclipse Plugin for SendDroid SDK
    I developed Eclipse Plugin for the SendDroid SDK []. The Plugin helps SendDroid Developers to quickly add all the dependencies required to use SendDroid in the Android app. The Plugin runs on Eclipse Platform 3.5+
  • Web Portal for Enterprise {*confidential client}
    I was part of a team of 3 where we developed an Enterprise Portal for a Telco client in US. The Portal helped enterprise manage the accounts of their resellers, contractors and individual sellers. The Portal was developed using JEE Technologies - Struts, Hibernate, JBoss.
  • Customization of Android OS Source Code (AOSP)
  • I modified Android Open Source Project - Source code and developed a customized Android OS. The project focused on making localization easy and intuitive for phone users. The localization layer which was added on top of Android OS powered users to edit any labels in any app based on their preferences. 
  • AutoAdvizr - Android Application: 
  • AutoAdvizr is an android applications developed for automobile dealers and service personnel to keep in touch with their clients. The application allows users to book service their cars via phone, check their service status, choose pre-defined services, and call customer care executives and many other tasks.
  • DIY Calculator - Blackberry Application: 
    DIY calculator is an easy to use BlackBerry application that helps an Interior decorator decide how much tiles, wallpapers, paint cans, etc will be required in order to furnish the entire house given the dimensions. The app has been listed in Blackberry app world :

  • Easy Dialer - Blackberry and J2ME application:
    Easy Dialer is an J2ME application developed for mobile phones like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, BlackBerry. The application had features like provide a Personal contact list for users, bookmark any users, and make calls to the users via the International Calling card numbers.
  • iMusti - Blackberry application: 
    iMusti is a music startup company. I developed a audio streaming application for their music service.

  • LocalDeals – Android, iPhone and Blackberry Application: 
    LocalDeals is a ‘white-labeled’ application which provides daily and featured discount deals for a local market. Users can choose the daily discounted deals and purchase from them from their phones directly. The app was done for . Video Demo:
  • Loud9 - Android & iPhone Application: 
    Project Loud9 aims to provide a platform to Local Musicians and Singers to make their music available to the listeners. The main aim of project is make the local music available to all users. The app was done in partnership with

  • Mo-Charge - J2ME Application: 
    MoCharge is an J2ME application that lets users/ vendors do easy-recharge of their mobile phones on fly. Just connect it to the service providers network, purchase ePINs and pay via Credit card. 

  • mGyan - J2ME and Blackberry Application: 
    mGyan is a mobile learning application that was mainly developed to enable the mobile workforce with products and learning on the go. The application also allows the Sales persons to take small quiz in order to verify their learnings and share the results with their managers in case of mandatory quiz.  Video Demo